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      Lighting Renovation:

      Switching on the full spectrum of LED benefits

      Lighting Project Solutions

      The direct economic value of LED lighting is clear. You can drastically cut electricity bills and maintenance costs while lowering your energy footprint. But that’s just the beginning. The right LED lighting solution increases employee productivity, well-being and safety. It can even enhance your reputation and brand. Given the explosion of options available today, reaping those important efficiency and business benefits is far from automatic. There are more than two million LED products on the market. Features and codes are changing all the time. You need a trusted resource with the right knowledge and capabilities to find a way through the maze.

      Graybar has been in the lighting business for more than 100 years. Our experience is rooted in helping all kinds of organizations with their lighting needs. From simple relamping to retrofits to complete redesigns, Graybar lighting specialists stand prepared to help clients of all sizes plan, design and execute the right solution to unleash the full power of LED. Whether your need is OPEX savings, safety and productivity improvements or brand enhancement, we’re here to help.

      Healthcare Lighting Solutions

      How Lighting Can Improve Patient Experience.

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      Lighting Follows Purpose

      Graybar's Approach to Smarter Lighting.

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      Featured Solutions

      Municipal Lighting

      Graybar’s lighting specialists have helped towns, cities and municipalities reap the benefits of converting to LED lighting for applications that include street and highway lighting as well as parking garages. Graybar can bring manufacturers and contractors together to successfully manage your project from start to finish. Find out more about municipal lighting solutions.

      Plant and Warehouse

      With deep experience in helping to power and light warehouses and industrial plants, Graybar’s lighting specialists can develop a seamless end-to-end solution designed for your unique facility needs. Contact your local Graybar branch to request an energy assessment for your facility.


      Besides cutting energy and maintenance costs, LED conversions can positively impact employee productivity and safety and even prepare the way for future smart building innovations. Find out how Graybar’s lighting specialists can help you plan, design and implement lighting solutions tailored to your office space and employee needs. Not sure where to start? Request a free office lighting assessment today!


      Converting to LED lighting saves schools an average of $100,000 per year – enough to hire two new teachers. It also measurably enhances the learning environment. Graybar's lighting specialists can help you plan, design and implement your LED upgrade. Request a lighting assessment for your school or campus.

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