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      Berk-Tek is a premier source for network infrastructure solutions. For more than 50 years, Berk-Tek has led the industry in the development of high-performance fiber optic and copper cables designed to transport high-speed data, voice and power transmissions. Their world-class research and development teams are dedicated to developing innovative structured cabling solutions that are critically important to managing the demands of today’s emerging technologies. Berk-Tek's mission is to provide our customers with the solutions that meet both the current and future network needs, while continuously striving to maximize their return on investment.


      Berk-Tek’s Kris Lindley Discusses Benefits of Indoor/Outdoor Fiber Cables

      In this Graybar Product Spotlight video, Kris Lindley discusses Berk-Tek’s Plenum Indoor/Outdoor Fiber (I/O) Cables.

      Berk-Tek’s Plenum Indoor/Outdoor (I/O) Fiber Cables are designed for installation in plenum or riser environments, as well as Inter-building Backbone connections. They can connect equipment rooms without the transition point needed when using traditional OSP cable.



      Wire and Cable

      Networking and Wireless

      Cabinets, Enclosures and Racks

      Surge and Power Protection